Royal In-Home Services
 Treat Yourself Like Royalty

Personal Trainer:

The personal trainers at Royal In Home Services are independently certified to have a diverse degree of experience in general fitness involving exercise prescription and guidance. We motivate you by setting goals, providing feedback and making you feel accountable for yourself.

Our trainers will also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses with regular fitness assessments. The fitness assessments are administered before and after an exercise program to measure your improvement including your physical advancements.


Personal Chef: (Customize a Meal Plan With the Help of Our Experienced Chefs)

Our experienced chefs can come to your home and prepare meals for you based on your particular needs and preferences. We can meet you beforehand to customize a meal plan by determining how often their service is needed and the number of meals to cook each time.

Get in touch with Royal In-Home Services today to get your own personal chef!

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Beauty Services: (Get Beauty Specialists at Your Doorstep)

The beauticians at Royal In Home Services are trained in all types and facets of beauty, including skin treatments, complete nail care, manicures, and make up. 

We are also known for our body, leg, and facial waxing services.


Personal Child Care: (Friendly and Engaging Child Care Professionals)

Our personal child care providers offer day-to-day care for children of all age groups. We will monitor their safety, and help plan and guide daily activities, as well as assist them with all of their personal tasks.

Our specialists are ready to work full- or part-time hours during all shifts, including evenings and weekends, with little or no supervision.

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Personal Styling Services: (Hairstyles to Suit Your Personality)

Our hairstylists are experienced in various styles and they can give you your desired look. Some of the styles we specialize in include:

  • Texturizing
  • Cutting hair in a blunt or pure form shape in different lengths and to accentuate movement
  • Jooge detailing, which involves rubbing the hair between our fingers to add texture or to add volume at the roots
  • Color baths, where color is applied over lathered up hair to result in highlights or a faded / blended look

Personal Assistant Services

Let Us Help You Reduce Your Stress at Work

Our skilled personal assistants can make any aspect of your official life more comfortable. We control access to the manager or executive and act as the first point of contact whether it is correspondence or phone calls. You can rely on us to help you manage diaries, organize meetings and appointments as well.

Wide Range of Personal Assistant Solutions

  • Organize events and conferences
  • Book and arrange travel, transport and accommodation
  • Control access to manager or executive
  • Organize meetings and appointments
  • First point of contact
  • Manage diaries
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